PRE Tuning



PRE team consists of 3 people:

  • Welder/fabricator
  • Shop manager
  • Design engineer/engine assembly specialist

Pavel’s Racing Engines team currently consists of 3 members. We have a welder and fabrication engineer with 30 years experience in military armament machinery, currently specializing in TIG, MIG, and laser welding repairs of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Our shop manager is in charge of the daily business operation and customer-focused supply chain management. Our design engineer is in charge of engine and turbocharger component development and assembly.


  • 65 years combined experience
  • Previous machining clients include Newman Haas Racing, Ford Motorsports, and several ALMS race teams
  • Race engine clients include NASA Super Touring and SCCA privateers
  • Turbocharger clients include Rally America participants
  • FSAE engine air restrictor design, testing, and validation
  • GKN Wheels off-road truck wheel durability testing and validation
  • Bonneville Salt Flats race car 2 stroke engine development, electronics/wiring design, turbocharger system development, supercharger system development, and EFI system setup and testing
  • Freud engine dynamometer maintenance, operation, and upgrading
  • SuperFlow 901 engine dynamometer maintenance, operation, and testing


  • College of Lake County, IL , USA engineering club
  • Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL, USA Formula SAE engine design team
  • SAE member since 2006
  • ASE participation since 2004


950 N Rand Rd, Suite 116

Wauconda, IL 60084




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