PRE Tuning


Bonneville Land Speed Racing 

Pavel’s Racing Engines has been involved in Bonneville land speed racing for the last 3 seasons and there is no slowing down. Our current project consist of a 1966 Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850. Originally this car was purchased as a non-running pile of scrap metal found in a field in California. Original vehicle goal was a complete restoration and street vehicle duty with antique plates.This all changed when the owner of the car, Bertil Sollenskog, visited Bonneville Salt Flats in 2009. A new goal was set: land speed record for Saab!

Complete chassis restoration was performed and necessary safety equipment added. Current safety requirement for the car consist of a 6 point roll cage with door bars, 4 nozzle fire suppression system, and DJ Safety full door net.

Engines modifications list is extensive and not all of them can be revealed. Original Saab engine was a 841cc, 3 cylinder, 2 stroke engine with 3 down-draft Solex carburetors.  Engines produced 57hp at 5500rpm in stock form. Highly modified engine in our Bonneville race car produces 95hp at 7000rpm.

Current engine modifications list:

  • -electric water pump
  • -electric cooling fan
  • Electromotive XDI electronic ignition system, big thanks to Uwe for all the help… UPDATE: October 2012: we purchased an Electromotive Tec GT EFI system.
  • AEM UEGO (universal exhaust gas oxygen) air fuel ratio lambda sensor
  • Apexi EL1 full electronic water temperature and EGT(exhaust gas temperature) gauges
  • -Custom made Venolia forged pistons
  • -custome made sleeves by Advanced Sleeve
  • -welded stack-up crankshaft
  • AAEN Performance custom exhaust system
  • -Mikuni side draft carburetors… UPDATE: October 2012: converted to EFI
  • ARP head studs, custom made
  • Cometic custom head gasket


As of August 16, 2011 our Saab broke Bonneville Salt Flats record in the J-PRO class with an average speed of 110.113MPH.

Next year we plan to break that record as well as register for a few more classes. Still running a 750cc engine but more modifications are allowed.


UPDATE August 2012

This year’s outing was not as successful as we anticipated. Very erratic weather and carburetor tuning cost us 4 engines. We came to Bonneville with 3 engines. We performed 2 engine rebuilds in the field and swapped motors 6 times all in no avail. Fastest time of the week was 109.9xx MPH. Only 0.2MPH off last year’s record! It was not meant to be. We drove home empty handed but full of new ideas to improve engine and chassis performance.


UPDATE October 2012

We contacted  Electromotive and they supplied us with their Tec GT EFI system. No more messing with carbs and changing jets in the 100 degree heat. Fuel pump and injectors supplied by Bosch. Individual throttle bodies, velocity stacks, and fuel rail came from a donor snowmobile engine. All necessary machining is complete and EFI hardware is ready to bolt up to the engine.

Chassis has been modified extensively to raise engine and transmission package. When the car was extremely lowered this created a big including angle between the ground and the drive axles. This creates binding and unnecessary friction loses in the drivetrain. Engine and transaxle package was raised considerably to maintain a straight axle and minimize losses through driveline. This created issues with the gear shifter mechanism that had to be relocated and extensively modified.


UPDATE January 2013

Wiring is mostly finished and dyno testing of the engine in a test cell will begin in February 2013.