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Volvo 850R TD04HL-16T rebuild and upgrade to 19T

This is another typical turbo project at shop. Customer sent in a TD04HL-16T turbocharger off a Volvo 850R. The turbo was in fairly good shape. Customer was in need for a standard rebuild service and upgrade of the compressor wheel from the 16T to 19T.

This type of rebuild and upgrade service costs $500. This includes cost of parts and labor. Please call or email with questions and inquiries.

Project goals:

  • Rebuild turbocharger
  • Upgrade to 19T compressor wheel
  • Disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of all components
  • Replacement of all consumables (journal bearings, oil rings, gaskets, retainers, fasteners, thrust bearing components)
  • Media blasting of the bearing housing, turbine rotor blades, turbine housing, and compressor housing
  • Micropolishing turbine shaft, check runout, and inspect for microfractures at the blades
  • Machine bearing housing to accept larger exducer of the compressor wheel
  • Machine compressor housing to accept larger inducer of the compressor wheel
  • Rebalance rotating assembly
  • Inspect blow-off valve and wastegate for proper operation.
Below are the pictures of the work. Click the picture for description.

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  1. 19/04/2015 at 19:03

    That bored housing is beautiful!

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