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SEMA 2015 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Engine Build for Blood Type Racing


This is a project we recently completed for local tuning house Blood Type Racing, BTR. This is a project engine sponsored by Hyundai North America for the vehicle unveiled at the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas. BTR approached us with a specific set of requirements we had to meet in order for this project to be successful and most importantly reliable. Completely stock new engine was supplied to us for disassembly, meticulous inspection, and parts development. No aspect was overlooked and all potential areas of failure addressed. This was a great learning process of the engine and we have more development coming up soon. Cylinder head port design optimization is the next big project for the 1.6 Gamma engine. Below is a description of the work performed on the engine and part used, both stock and aftermarket. Enjoy!



PRE custom forged pistons: Strutted forging increased skirt and pin boss stiffness without a weight penalty. Pistons designed in conjunction with connecting rods. Connecting rod pin end was designed for appropriate load distribution. Piston pin boss spacing was designed off connecting rod width. Narrow pin boss spacing reduces piston pin bending and actually work in double shear. Lateral gas ports for top compression ring utilize combustion gasses to aid sealing. 3D milling under piston crown was an additional machining operation done to maintain consistent piston crown thickness and reduces “dead” weight. Stock cast aluminum pistons weight 261 grams each. PRE forged pistons incorporating all above processes weight only 220 grams; that is a 15% reduction in weight. Stock compression ratio is 9.5, while PRE compression ratio is 9.2. PRE piston pins made maraging tool steel and DLC-coated to reduce galling. PRE piston pins are 14% shorter than stock and weigh 17% less than stock pins.

PRE custom forged connecting rods: I-beam design connecting rods with ARP625+ bolts. I-beam design is ribbed at the pin end for increased stiffness and also features lipped rod-cap interface. This feature increases surface area at the parting line to reduce flex and rod-cap separation fretting. Pin end of the rod made without a bushing. This feature requires use of DLC piston pins, but reduces pin end weight and profile radius. Lower rod weight again reduces reciprocating and connecting rod bearing loads. Stock connecting rod weighs 406 grams. PRE forged connecting rods weigh 13% less than stock. Again, reducing reciprocating loads, all while focusing on buckling loads exerted by the power stroke of this heavily turbocharged engine.

PRE custom rod and main bearings by ACL: we developed ACL Race series tri-metal bearings for both connecting rods and main bearings. Bearings available for purchase in several grades: STD-H, STD-HX(.0010in/.026mm extra clearance), .010in/.25mm oversize(repair size 1), .020/.50mm oversize(repair size 2) PRE main bearings feature two oil feed holes and wider than stock for increased load distribution. PRE connecting rod bearings wider as well.

PRE main stud kit: This is a custom made main stud kit designed by PRE. Main studs start out as H11 tool steel rod blanks which are CNC lathe-machined, threads rolled for increased fatigue strength, and heat treated. Our main stud kit uses ARP heat-treated nuts and parallel ground washers.

PRE head stud kit by ARP: This head stud kit is made by ARP and developed to suit Hyundai 1.6 Gamma engine. All studs are made to ARP standard manufacturing process. Our head studs have the “bullet point” guided-nose feature to preload threads in the block.

PRE valvetrain package: Due to extremely low spring pressures originally designed for low drag and MPG’s we designed a set of single valve springs, titanium retainers, hardened valve collets/keepers, and spring seats. Stock valve spring seat pressure measures an average of 32lbf. PRE valve springs seat pressure is 70lbf.

PRE cylinder sleeves: Our cylinder sleeves made of ductile cast iron and convert engine from factory open-deck configuration to a stiffer closed-deck design. PRE sleeve walls thicker than stock and allow up to 2mm overbore. Factory cylinder primarily consists of parent aluminum column with a thin wall cast-in sleeve.



Currently, we are developing additional parts to suit extreme applications:

  • Billet crankshaft: Key features include straight through oil gallery to rod journals and larger rod journals for increased journal overlap and crankshaft stiffness.
  • Camshafts: we profiled stock camshafts and currently exploring increased lift and duration designs
  • Oil pan baffling: There is minimal to no oil strainer baffling from the factory and already became an apparent issue at recent proving ground road course testing. We are developing an oil pan baffle that will fit stock oil pan without modification.

Below you will find pictures of the engine development and preparation process. Enjoy!

IMG_2075 IMG_2129 IMG_2131 IMG_2143 IMG_2507 IMG_2508 IMG_2509 IMG_2529 IMG_2538 IMG_2539 IMG_2540 IMG_2541 IMG_2604 IMG_2605 IMG_2633 IMG_2652 IMG_2653 IMG_2655 IMG_2656 IMG_2657 IMG_2658 IMG_2660 IMG_2661 IMG_2662 IMG_2714 IMG_2719 IMG_2720 IMG_2729 IMG_2730 IMG_2736 IMG_2742 IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2783 IMG_2784 IMG_2785 IMG_2786 IMG_2787 IMG_2788 IMG_2789 IMG_2793 IMG_2796 IMG_2800 IMG_2802 IMG_2805 IMG_2806IMG_2812IMG_6334

16 thoughts on “SEMA 2015 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Engine Build for Blood Type Racing

  1. I have a kia soul 2010 1.6L gamma mpi.
    I need a new block with 3mm over bored piston, 80mm forged pistons for 12.5 cr, strengthen valve springs, conrods and bearings. Running NA.

    please quote.

  2. Hello Carter,
    Can you provide additional information about your engine? Why do you require new block? Is your block damaged? Email me additional information about your engine and crankshaft condition.
    Pavel Osovets
    [email protected]

  3. Hi Pavel Can you provide Price and availability on your Main Bearing Stud and Nut upgrade plus your ACL Main Bearings upgrade Kits for our KIA Pro-Ceed GT Turbo.

    The Engine is OE Standard dimensions which is the same as Veloster Turbo Gamma Series. We already have your PRE Valve Kit and ARP Head Stud conversion which i bought from Kyle at 845 Motorsport.

    Regards Terry Conroy Conroy Motorsport Sydney Australia. M0423 734532.

  4. Hello Terry,
    Main bearings are in stock and ready to ship. Main stud kit is out of stock. We can contact you when parts become available.

  5. I Need a Complete Engine for a Veloster 1.6L Turbo, I broke the conecting rod on my stock engine, it damaged the need of quote. please help thanks

  6. Hello Javier,
    Thank you for the interest. Please check your email for additional information request.

  7. Hey Pavel. Good evening. I am looking for forged pistoins and rod bearing for my hyundai elantra 1.6 gamma engine. Ive read about it and its same engine than veloster 1.6 turbo. My car has 250whp and I am looking for a new upgrade. Could you send me a quotation?? Regards – Jan

  8. Hello Jan,
    We can supply you the necessary parts. Please check your email.

  9. G’day Guys… Hope you can help me. We race a 1.6 gamma turbo engine, but seem to have a problem with combustion gasses entering the cooling system. This displaces more and more coolant the longer the engine is run, so after about 4 hours flat out we start to see over heating. After an hour we consistently have about 300ml additional coolant in the header tank and the cooling system is low by the same amount ! We have had the same problem with 3 different engines and two tubo chargers ( factory stock )?? No testing in the shop can find a leak of any kind. I notice that the head gasket you use looks different to the genuine head gasket that we use, could this be a possible solution? Is there an inherent problem with the cylinder block that might allow some slight leakage under extreme conditions ? Have you had any issues with the standard exhaust/turbine housing cracking or leaking? Hope you can advise. Cheers, Steve.

  10. Hi Steve,
    The head gasket we used on that engine is an OEM Hyundai part bought directly from the dealer. The part number is 223112B003. The gasket has a 78.5mm ID and has a compressed thickness of ~0.38mm. The head gasket is a steel shim design that is two shims around the water passages and three layers at the fire-ring for additional sealing.

    It is possible the block is deflecting under load, the free-standing cylinders are moving, fretting the head gasket, and causing a slow leak until an overheating condition occurs. You may try machining the block with a groove and install copper wire for additional clamping at the head gasket fire ring. Aside from extensive machining and installing cast iron sleeves like our engine showcases, you can have the block machined for a ‘block-guard’. An aluminum insert will certainly stabilize the cylinders. Honda community is known for such inserts as well as the new Ford Ecoboost inline 4 engines.

    Do you have a sample picture of your head gasket?
    Are you using OEM head bolts or head studs?


  11. Hello, can I get a quote on installing headstuds, rods, pistons, valvesprings and retainers on my 1.6? Thanks!

  12. Hello Tony,
    Engine rebuild service including the parts you mentioned, head studs, rods, pistons, valve springs and retainers, and machining labor will cost about $7000.

  13. My I get a quote on this project.

  14. Hello Phillip,
    To duplicate this engine project, it will cost about $8500.

  15. Please shoot me an email regarding parts for my 1.6 veloster r-spec trying to get upgraded pistons, rods and crank.. will install myself just can’t find parts to build a 500whp veloster.

  16. Please check your email.

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