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PRE turbine shaft for Subaru Impreza STI IHI VF34 turbocharger

IHI VF34 turbine

Pavel’s Racing Engines is pleased to offer parts to rebuild your damaged or worn out IHI VF34 ball bearing turbocharger. This turbo typically found in Subaru Impreza STI vehicles with an EJ207 engine.


  • Inducer: 48.00mm
  • Exducer: 53.00mm
  • Exducer tip height: 9.20mm

You may purchase this turbine shaft from our eBay store: IHI VF34 turbine shaft

We also offer billet compressor wheel upgrade for the IHI VF34 turbocharger. Compressor wheel description link found here: PRE billet compressor wheel comparison

You may also purchase this billet compressor wheel from our eBay store: PRE VF34 11 blade billet compressor wheel

2 thoughts on “PRE turbine shaft for Subaru Impreza STI IHI VF34 turbocharger

  1. Hi I need wheel and shaft of an IHI RX6 turbo (used in a subaru WRc 2003 World Rally Car ) those turbines and shaft are made of alloy Mar-M-247 it has 9 blades.
    Can you suply it?
    Many Thanks Paco

  2. Hello Paco,
    We do not offer any parts for RX6 turbochargers. Try contacting a used WRC part suppliers in UK for replacement parts or new turbocharger. All our turbines made of Inconel 600 or 700 series depending on application. Turbines we use never had material failure in street performance or road race use application, but at the same time they never been tested with anti-lag environment of WRC engines. If you send us your turbo for inspection and measuring we can design and supply you correct turbine for RX6 turbocharger. Turbine shaft minimum order is 50 piece.

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