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Garrett T25 Turbocharger Rebuild

Here are PRE we rebuild a lot of Garrett T25 turbochargers. This turbo is commonly found on Nissan Silvia/180sx/240sx cars equipped with SR20DET engines. A variation of the T25 turbo can also be found on the 2nd generation 95-98 Mitsubishi Eclipse(Eagle Talon), and 98-2002 Saab 9-3.

This turbo was rebuilt with all new bearings, seals, and o-rings. All bearing and turbine shaft clearances are measured using micrometers and bore gauges. Bearings housing is cleaned prior to inspection. When excessive wear is determined, it is rehoned to accept an oversized turbine shaft bearing. Rotating assembly is polished to remove any imperfections and balanced. Turbine housing is media blasted by hand and polished. After the turbo passes all clearance specification checks it is reassembled.


Pictures of rebuilt turbo: