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Conversion of Ball Bearing Turbos

Most people know ball bearing turbochargers cannot be rebuilt. Manufacturers do not sell parts to service these unit leaving customers with damaged turbochargers no options other than keeping it as an expensive paper weight or send it in through an exchange program. Garrett charges between $800-900 US dollars for a new replacement CHRA, this being almost the price of a new turbo. In comparison, ball bearing turbocharger spool up faster but operating costs and eventual failure will leave you with no option but replacement.

At PRE we offer a turbocharger conversion service. We can convert your damaged, unusable ball bearing turbocharger to journal bearing configuration. So far we developed a viable solution for Garrett T-series and GT-series turbochargers.

Right now we can convert the following turbos:

  • -T28
  • -GT2560R
  • -GT2860R
  • -GT2871R
  • -GT28R
  • -GT28RS

Most popular option we offer is 0.64A/R turbine housing. We can also supply necessary parts for a 0.86A/R turbine housing modification.

This is a recent conversion we did for an autocross national championship contender customer in Idaho. His Garrett GT2860R turbo failed. We were able to rebuild it using our conversion process. Last 3 pictures are S14 Nissan Silvia T28 conversion.

2 thoughts on “Conversion of Ball Bearing Turbos

  1. How much do you charge for the conversion service on a t28? I can’t find prices anywhere

  2. Hello Brett,
    Please email us additional information regarding your current turbo, its condition, and a few pictures.

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