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Garrett T28 turbo rebuild and journal bearing conversion 0.86A/R

This is a custom turbo we built for a customer in Pennsylvania. This project started with a damaged ball bearing Garrett T28 turbocharger. Since the turbo cannot be serviced or rebuilt we converted it to journal bearing system. We build these turbos usually with a more popular 0.64A/R turbine housing. This time the customer requested a bigger turbine rotor shaft and turbine housing to better suit his performance-oriented needs. All machining was performed like a standard Journal Bearing Conversion with the exception of additional machining of the wastegate mount on the compressor housing.

Pictures of the finished unit and individual components for comparison:

8 thoughts on “Garrett T28 turbo rebuild and journal bearing conversion 0.86A/R

  1. Hey can I convert a journal bearing turbo into a ball bearing turbo?

  2. Hello Darwin,
    Thank you for the inquiry. We do not offer this service. It is best you buy a Garrett ball bearing turbo that is engineered and designed for that purpose from factory. Journal and ball bearing turbos use different bearing housing and turbine shafts, thus parts cannot be transferred.

  3. Hey, I have a lot of brand new journal turbochargers in all types of sizes and wanted to know. If I want to keep them as a journal type and just get te cheap stuff replaced with better parts like; let’s say the typical (weak) turbine center stem piece (that always breaks with cheaper units) and also get everything else remeasured and checked out….. How much $ would you guys charge and I only need a RANGE….. And everything up to 88mm journals……..734-642-6317 BENNETT, hugh

  4. Hello Hugh,
    Check your email for detailed reply. Thank you for the inquiry.
    PRE team

  5. Can yo guys send me another email didn’t get it my inbox is empty sry guys

  6. Hello Hugh. Email reply sent out April 13 and follow up email sent out April 28.

  7. Hi i need estimate for rebuilding Garrett GTX2867R Turbo

  8. Please check your email for additional information and picture request. Rebuild prices vary widely due to various degree of damage of your turbo.

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