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Volvo V70 TD04H-13T Turbo Rebuild

This was a Volvo turbo rebuild for a customer in Hawaii. He complained of light smoking under heavy load. Prior to complete disassembly and inspection we could not offer a 100% quote, but we had a feeling it was the turbine shaft seal started to wear out. The customer sent us the turbo for a complete overhaul. After complete disassembly and component inspection we diagnosed a worn turbine shaft seal as the culprit of the oil burning, just like we diagnosed over the phone. Luckily our customer maintained his vehicle well and caught the problem before it became an expensive and time consuming ordeal. This turbo needed just the Basic Rebuild Service. All components were cleaned and inspected, while replacing all bearings, seals, 0-rings, and hardware, followed by balancing of the rotor assembly, of course.


1997-2000 V70 AWD, V70 XC (Cross Country), S70 AWD, V70 GLT, S70 GLT
Will fit in ANY 1994-2000 FWD or AWD Volvo based on the 850/P80/X70 platform (ie. excluding S80, S40, V40 cars).
This turbo is interchangeable with 13G, 15G, 16T, 18T, and 19T turbos, it’s just that this 13T is slightly smaller.

Pictures of the rebuilt turbo:

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