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Subaru Impreza WRX 02-06 TD04H-13T Turbo Rebuild

This yet another type of Subaru turbo we rebuild at PRE. This unit came in poor condition. A lot of shaft play, smoking and burning oil, and visibly damaged compressor wheel. Upon disassembly, cleaning, and inspection we decided this turbo still qualifies for our Basic Turbo Rebuilt Service with the only additional cost being new compressor wheel. Ne standard size journal bearings were measured with a micrometer and bearing housing clearance checked using a bore gauge. Luckily journal bearing clearance was within factory specification. This means we did not need to hone the housing and install oversized journal bearings. Compressor wheel showed visible wear which was confirmed with a digital caliper measurement. It was replaced with a brand new unit. Compressor housing clearance was checked and found to be acceptable. Compressor wheel wear did not leave grooved marking of the housing. Turbine rotor shaft was measured to be within factory specifications on all dimensions and was saved. We micropolished the shaft and removed any small imperfections. Rotor assembly was balanced with new compressor wheel and turbocharger assembled.

Pictures of individual components: