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Subaru TD06H-20G Turbo Rebuild

Another turbo rebuild at PRE. This time we received a Subaru turbo that suffered a catastrophic failure. This turbo broke the turbine shaft due to lack of lubrication. Compressor wheel, bearing housing, turbine rotor shaft, and all consumable parts(bearings, thrust collar, shaft seals, o-rings, clips, and hardware). Turbine housing was media blasted by hand and polished afterwards. Turbine housing is ported and blended in the turbine inlet, wastegate area, and turbine outlet. Compressor housing passed inspection and received proper cleaning. Rotating assembly was balanced on a Schenck turbo balancing machine. (Note to all Subaru owners; clean or remove the oil filter for the turbo oil feed line. This clogged filter caused complete turbo destruction in minutes!)

Turbo Specifications:

  • -Compressor Wheel: 52.5mm inducer / 68 mm exducer ( 6×6 blades compressor wheel), Superback design
  • -Turbine Wheel: 58.8mm exducer / 67.14 mm inducer ( TD06H / 11 Blades )
  • -Turbine Housing: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries(MHI) 78-10820 070 (7cm) ported housing
  • -Turbine housing ported and blended originally by Deadbolt Performance
  • -Compressor Housing: TD06 housing, standard 2.25 inch inlet
  • -Turbo was Schenck balanced to less than 0.5g/cm2
  • -Oil lubrication only! Not water cooled like OEM.
  • -Turbo max rated at 440whp


Pictures after the rebuild: