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Differential welding service Lexus SC300 SC400

This is a differential we welded for a local drifter. The car is a 1997 Lexus SC300 5spd. Stock open differential would not work at all and a Torsen differential was too unpredictable for the customer’s liking. This open differential was supplied for welding services. Our differential welding service is different from most people. While most think it is acceptable to remove the back cover, “degrease” the gears with brake cleaner, and proceed with welding, we do not think this is a reliable solution. Our differential welding service involves complete disassembly of the differential, washing and inspecting of components, and reassembly. We check gear backlash before disassembly and afterwards. If it is our of spec, we fix this as well.

We offer this type of differential welding service for $150.


  • Weld differential
  • Remove differential cover and check gear backlash before disassmebly
  • Label all components and disassemble differential, remove ring gear
  • Clean all components in a parts washer
  • Inspect all components for wear
  • Weld differential
  • Reassembled differential and check gear backlash
Pictures of the process. Click an image for details.