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DIY: Z32 Nissan 300ZX caliper rebuild and service

Today we show the process of rebuild a set of calipers off a Z32 Nissan 300ZX. These calipers were removed from a 1990 300zx, so they are all aluminum front calipers meant to be used with 26mm wide rotors. The rebuild process for all 300ZX calipers will be the same. We rebuilt both front and rear calipers. master cylinder rebuild procedure coming soon.

We can perform the following service at a cost of $200/pair. This price includes the cost of parts, paint, and labor.


  • Rebuild front and rear calipers
  • Improve caliper appearance
  • OEM Nissan front and rear caliper rebuild kits(seals, o-rings, dust boots, retainers, and grease)
  • Disassemble front and rear calipers(remove c-clips, dust boots, pistons, o-rings)
  • Degrease all components in parts washer
  • Mask off piston bores in each caliper half and media blast completely
  • Mask off piston outer surface  and media blast inside of the piston and dust boot mating area
  • Clean caliper halves in parts washer after media blasting
  • Mask off calipers again and prepare for painting with high temperature ceramic paint(powder coating is optional)
  • Reassemble calipers with new OEM rebuild kits.
Below are pictures of the rebuild process: