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2011 Audi TT engine rebuild EA888 2.0T TFSI


We were contacted by a local dealer to rebuild an engine for a 2011 Audi TT. This Audi has the EA888 2.0T TFSI engine designation. Vehicle came off the transporter with a misfire on cylinder 1. Quick inspection showed heavy oil deposits on cylinder one spark plug and very low compression. Cylinder head was removed and further carnage discovered. Someone opened this engine once before. Head gasket mating surface was ground with a 3M Roloc disk. Cylinder 1 showed heavy scoring and a chunk of aluminum found in oil pan. It wasn’t until full disassembly was performed that actual failure was discovered. Engine was disassembled, cleaned, and all components inspect. Broken piston on cylinder 1 was the culprit. Audi dealer left very few cost effective repair options. Factory pistons cost ~$350 each and only available in standard size; not an option since cylinder was damaged and required oversize machining. We chose to design a set of forged pistons with stock compression and 0.5mm oversize bore to repair damaged cylinders.

A quick preview of the piston failure below and damaged head gasket surface



Engine block: Engine block was disassembled, rough washed, and inspected. Cylinder were bored and honed with a torque plate and ARP head studs. Main bearing housings were align honed lightly as well using ARP main stud kit. Since head gasket surface was damaged using 3M Roloc “grinding cookie” it was also milled minimum amount to restore flatness and proper roughness.

IMG_1973 IMG_1981

Crankshaft: Crankshaft was checked for bend, journal micro-polished, measured, and finally performance balanced.


Pistons: PRE custom forged pistons were made for this engine. No other piston is currently available on the market for this engine. There several forged piston manufacturers who make Audi/VW pistons, but they are all designed for the older 1.8T and 2.0T engines which use smaller piston pins. Audi chose to use 23mm piston pins which are DLC coated since connecting rods do not have pin end bushings. Our pistons are made to reuse factory DLC coated piston pins. Each piston pin length and end play was measured.


Connecting rods: OEM connecting rods were reused in this engine. Bearing end bore measured to be within factory tolerance. Piston pin end also measured to be within specification. New connecting rods bolts fitted since original bolts are torque-to-yeild aka one time use.


Bearings: OEM main bearings were sourced from Germany for this engine with extensive lead time. Connecting rod bearings are expensive so PRE chose to develop a cost-effective high performance option. This was a collaboration with ACL using their Race series bearings with tri-metal metallurgy. OEM bearings are bi-metal aluminum construction. OEM bearings can be cheaply manufactured, but not intended for high performance use.

IMG_1977 IMG_1568 IMG_1569

Fasteners: Several head studs showed thread damage and nuts did not turn smoothly. Old regular ARP head studs replaced with a set of new ARP2000 head studs. PRE main stud kit made by ARP was used in this engine.

Lubrication: Oil pump was disassembled and inspected. Oil pump was measured and inspected; it passed inspect and was primed, then reassembled. We offer oil pump modification service to increase low RPM volume.


Valves: Valves were reground due to damaged sealing angle and poor pre-disassembly leakdown test.

Machining: Valve seats were in decent condition and did not require machining. Valve faces were reground and valves hand-lapped. Seating was checked and confirmed. Valve stem seals replaced and cylinder head reassembled.

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  1. HI THERE,





  3. Hello Warren,
    Check your email. I will send you a message for additional details. Thank you for the inquiry.

  4. I’m in the same boat, but thankfully my cylinder walls are undamaged. We are replacing all four pistons. The damage to the piston in my 2012 A4 2.0T TFSI looks nearly identical to the pictures you posted.

    I can find plenty of OEM pistons available, but I’m having trouble finding anything aftermarket with the 23mm wrist pin. Is this something readily offer or did you make these specifically for this application?

  5. I would also love to know if you have any followup on this project and how everything turned out.

  6. Hello Shane,
    There is nothing readily available for this engine using 23mm pin. All available pistons typically come in the 18mm or 20mm options and designed for the older variation of the 1.8/2.0T engine. These pistons were custom made to our specifications. I will send you an email and we can discuss your project.

  7. This project was originally completed in March 2015 and posted on the site in May 2015. As far as we know the car still works great. Upon engine completion customer noted quieter operation and no oil consumption compared to pre-engine failure state. Overall a better engine than factory built!

  8. Im in a situation looking for a set of pistons to be 0.5mm oversized for a different engine set-up for a big turbo. It might seem a little crazy right for a big turbo for a B8 because no one has achieved number over 450+hp, but I want to give it a shot. I’ve been looking for someone who can make something to fit the EA888 (Gen 2) 2.0T TFSI for awhile now. I was also wondering if you were able to make a set on connecting rods that fit. I’ll have more info shortly.

  9. Hello Andrew,
    We will be more than happy to assist you. Please check your email. We sent you an email with a request for additional details.

  10. I have a 2011 Audi TT 2l turbo that I just found out has only 25 psi in cyl 3 and 150 in all others. Mechanic is telling me it’s cheaper to drop in a used engine. Mine only had 95000km. He found one with 5000km and total replacement cost with labour would be $6500. What was the cost for you to rebuild that motor? Thanks

  11. Hello Corey,
    Sounds like a cracked piston, ringland failure, or a damaged/scored cylinder causing low compression numbers.

    Assuming your cylinder head is in good working condition and requires no rework or service, you can remove it and ship in the short block for the rebuild.

    The cost of rebuilding the block is about $3000 and includes the following parts:
    -new forged pistons with rings and pin clips (bore size will be decided once the block is inspected and measured)
    -PRE tri metal rod bearings
    -OEM main bearings
    -ARP head and main studs to replace one-time-use OEM fasteners
    -new OEM rod bolts

    Block machining includes the following:
    -boring and honing cylinder with a torque plate
    -machining head gasket surface
    -align honing main bearing housings
    -polishing the crankshaft
    -checking and setting bearing clearances
    -checking and grinding piston ring gaps
    -final assembly of the block

    Your crankshaft and connecting rods will be reused unless this is a performance engine and you choose to upgrade those parts at an additional cost.

    If your cylinder head requires a rebuild, the typical cost is $1000 and includes grinding valves, a valve job, machining the head gasket surface, and valve stem seal replacement.

  12. What do you guys do for the pressed in balance shaft bearings at rear of block (Trans side)

  13. Hello Paul,
    We never had engines with issues requiring the balance shaft bearing replacement.

  14. Hi there,
    I have a 2011 A4 2.0T with an oil consumption issue. My motor is still currently running well, just using 1 liter of oil every 400-500 miles. If my cylinders do not require machining, could you send me a price estimate for a set of pistons/rings STD size? I would also need new rod bolts, gaskets, etc.. If you can supply these as well that would be great.
    Thank you,

  15. Hello Mike,
    Your oil consumption is extremely excessive and the engine will need machining and oversized piston installation.

  16. Hi, I too am interested in the 23mm pistons for a oil consumption issue id like a more budget friendly alternative to hem pistons and rings

  17. Hello Mario,
    Forged piston kit costs $650 and can be customized in a variety of bore sizes, compression ratios, and coatings to meet your needs.

  18. I need to get the 23mm 0.5 oversized forged pistons if you could email me [email protected] that’d be awesome thank you

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