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High Horsepower SR20DET Engine Build…Done Right!

STORY: Out of state customer called us to inspect and quote an engine rebuild. This is an S13 SR20DET engine. Originally purchased as a “built motor”, this was nothing but an exercise in fixing and making right what someone else could not and did not do. Upon initial¬†disassembly¬†and inspection it was obvious the previous engine […]

VW ABA 2.0 stroker motor build

STORY: This is an engine build for a local customer. He is a VW fanatic and likes doing things just a little different than most. After collecting parts for the last 8 years he finally decided to go ahead with this engine build. The goal is a reliable, torquy, naturally aspirated engine to power a […]

Nissan SR20DET connecting rod weight matching service

This is another service we offer here at Pavel’s Racing Engines. We can weight match, aka balance, your engine’s connecting rods and install ARP rod bolt. As a sample of our work we have a set of Nissan SR20DET connecting rods. We can provide this service for any set of connecting rods; motorcycle, automotive, truck, […]

Nissan SR20DET cylinder head rebuild process

Here is another SR20DET cylinder head we rebuilt at PRE. This cylinder head came to us in very poor condition. Customer wanted a OEM style rebuild. Upon complete disassembly and inspection it became obvious actual condition of the cylinder head. Cylinder head gasket mating surface was slightly warped, exhaust valve guides worn beyond factory limit, […]

BMW S52 cylinder head spark plug thread repair

This is a custom cylinder head repair we did at PRE. Spark plug on cylinder 6 was not torqued down properly, vibrated loose, and finally ripped out all the thread. Heli-coil spark plug thread repair kit was of no help in this situation; too much material was torn out. This kind of repair cannot be […]

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T Theta engine disassembly, evaluation, and comparison to the Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11T

Today we started a new project. Customer submitted a Hyundai Genesis Coupe Theta 2.0T engine for us to disassemble, assess build quality, and suggest upgraded parts for increased performance and reliability. Initial observations: the new engine is an all aluminum inline 4. The block is lighter than the old 4G63. Contrary to the old 4G63 […]