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Aston Martin Vantage V8 race engine part development


We were contacted by a team competing in the Pirelli World Challenge with an Aston Martin Vantage V8. The team was supplied a prepared race car with a stock engine which is not suitable for endurance racing. We designed and supplied forged pistons, forged connecting rods by Carrillo, PRE head stud kit, PRE main stud kit by ARP, Race Series main and rod bearings by ACL. All parts were specifically designed to be lightweight and sustain high engine speeds. Pistons designed with a strutted forging for strength and short 2.000in tool steel pins for strength and reduced bending. Pistons machined with lateral gas ports for top compression ring. Carrillo connecting rods designed for specific engine speed and take all component weight into account for inertial load analysis. Based on piston and connecting rod weights and engine speed the rod bolt loads were calculated and Carrillo CARR selected. Connecting rods designed with an H-beam profile. ACL Race series main and rod bearings were supplied for this engine; an exclusive from PRE.

PRE head studs start out as tool steel rod, that is CNC lathe machined, threads rolled, and heat treated. PRE main stud kit consists of M10 primary main studs, M8 secondary main bolts, and M8 perimeter bolts.

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Pistons: Standard bore forged pistons designed with maximum allowed compression ratio by sanctioning organization. Pistons sent out for coating service. Polymer skirt coating reduces friction and prevents piston and cylinder wear while ceramic crown coating reflect combustion heat and prevents piston overheating and aluminum fatigue. Tool steel piston pins and gas nitrided piston rings selected for this application. Forged pistons weight was same as factory cast piston

Connecting rods: Carrillo forged connecting rods with H-beam profile designed for this engine. Carrillo multi-phase CARR bolts selected based on component weights, engine stroke, and engine speed requirements. Connecting rod weight reduced significantly from stock rod.

Bearings: ACL Race main and rod bearings used in this engine. ACL Race bearings are of tri-metal construction and connecting rod bearings made using heat treated steel backing.

Fasteners: Bespoke head studs designed for this application. ARP supplied main stud kit.


6 thoughts on “Aston Martin Vantage V8 race engine part development

  1. I am interested in the big bore block sleeve ,being that the blocks are the same for jaguar, Aston and the Ford 3.9 is it possible to use any of the three blocks also I would like to be informed of the cost. Plus the stroker crankshaft thanks l look forward to hearing from you LaSalle

  2. Hello LaSalle,
    Thank you for the interest. We can supply you head studs, main studs, bearings, ductile iron cylinder sleeves, forged pistons, forged connecting rods, and a billet crankshafts for a stroker kit. Please check your email for a response and request for additional information.

  3. Hi I’m also interested in your Big Bore stroker kit I have a 4.2 Land Rover motor I’m interested in a crank bearings head main studs rods & Pistons. Pricing individually or a package price. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you. Dominic

  4. Hello Dominic,
    Please check your email for our reply with pricing, availability, and lead time.

  5. Hello,
    Is there still a chance to get forged pistons for Jaguar V8 engine? I hope to build the engine using the Arden stroking kit and also investigating the boring option – could you please provide some info on the larger diameter sleeves?

    Many thanks,


  6. Hello Alex,

    We can design forged pistons to work with your Arden stroker kit. Please check your email for a further discussion.

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