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We specialize in Subaru EJ-series and Nissan SR20 engine rebuild services. We offer complete engine restoration and upgrade programs to meet your requirements for the street and racing. We have experience servicing Aston Martin V8 and V12, Jaguar V8, and Porsche water-cooled 3.4/3.6/3.8 engines. We develop forged pistons, rods, valvetrain components, and bearings for the above-listed engines. Please inquire build details and pricing.

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  1. Hey guys,

    How can I go about getting some pricing for a ka24de rebuild? I’m looking to go with a oem rebuild with forged pistons. If you’d like for me to come in to discuss this I am more than happy to do that, as I have some questions of my own and a bit of guidance on all of this.

    Shayan Ranjbari

  2. Hi, I was looking into an ej22t block for my 96 impreza that has an 02 wrx ej205 swap in it. I didn’t look very hard, but didn’t see any blocks available except for your listing for a nicely built ej22t on eBay. Is that service for a rebuild of a block I supply or do you supply the block? Is there a core charge? Is the eBay price different than non-eBay? What heads/headgasket are you using to get the 9:1 compression? Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the inquiry. We sent you an email with additional information.

  4. hi i have a ka24de that needs a rebuild, im in the same boat as the guy above me, and im looking to get an estimate on the price. the engine currently has a header bolt broken off in the block that needs to be taken out somehow too. im trying to get it back to stock spec but also ready for turbo possibly down the line. i can discuss more what im looking for later, email me if possible, thanks

  5. hello PRE i currently have a Veloster Turbo in which imma build the motor soon. I see on the BTR Sema vehicle you guys provided some custom Sleeves for there motor? i was wondering if any extras was built or if i would be able to purchase them as well?

  6. I just saw you guys did work on a Veloster for sema. Will you have a kit for sale of the products you made for that car? Like a engine package with rods bearing sleeves all the parts you have in the sema Veloster will they be sold?

  7. Was curious to see what you could do with a hyundai veloster 1.6l Na, would like to build and strengthen so that a turbo could be added or possibly doing a built turbo swap. Any input would be appreciated, thank you.

  8. Hello Donovan,
    Please send us an email with detailed description of your engine’s current condition and expected requirements(power, RPM, type of end use). We can design and supply you all engine related parts such as forged pistons, rods, bearings, head/main studs, valve springs, and cylinder sleeves.
    Pavel Osovets
    Pavel’s Racing Engines Inc

  9. Hello Zachary,
    We have all parts available for the Veloster turbo engine same as in the BTR’s SEMA engine we designed and built. Please send us an email to discuss your engine requirements.
    Pavel Osovets
    Pavel’s Racing Engines Inc

  10. Hello Johnson,
    We have all parts available for the Veloster turbo engine same as BTR’s SEMA build. Please email us for details.
    PRE team

  11. I need rod bearing (0.25) for BMW M5 E39, engine S62. nª OEM 11241407541
    It sold or you can tell me who?
    Thank you

  12. Hello Enrique,
    We do not sell OEM BMW bearings under part number you mentioned. We only sell our high performance connecting rod bearings for the S62 engine. Costs is $450. Please email for additional details.

  13. Looking for info and pricing on a Sr20 build. Thank you

  14. Thank you for the interest. Please check your email. We will send you a request for additional information and discuss pricing.

  15. I was wondering if you guys do closed deck block conversions. I know of few places that can take an EJ257 and close the deck, is this something you can do, or only sleeves?

  16. Hello Dan,
    Thank you for the inquiry. I considered investing time and tooling into EJ257 closed deck conversion, but ultimately it is a lot of time and effort for inferior results. I worked on such blocks converted by other companies and although it is a novel idea with good machining execution the main problem lies in the factory cylinder design. Subaru EJ255/257 blocks are made with cast-in iron sleeves. Sleeves are not machined and pressed in. This leaves a factory sleeve that is thin, but worst of all, inconsistent in thickness around the circumference as well top to bottom. I sectioned numerous Subaru blocks and cylinder thickness varies. Why convert the block to closed deck if the cylinders still inferior and distort and barrel under load? Best solution for high power application is actual cylinder sleeving(ie Darton, LA Sleeve). Next best option is OEM closed deck block from EJ22T or JDM STI EJ20. OEM closed deck blocks have much thicker sleeves from factory. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

  17. 2010 Genesis 3.8….needs a motor, best option for the $$$ for better than stock?

  18. Hello Jason,
    Typical cost of stage 1 rebuild costs $7500 and includes the following parts:
    -Carrillo rods
    -custom forged pistons
    -piston coatings
    -crankshaft modification, machining and plasma nitrite treatment
    -ACL Race connecting rod bearings
    -OEM main bearings
    -PRE head and main stud kits
    -all required machining and assembly

    Stage 2 prep includes cylinder sleeves and costs additional $2700

  19. Hi I would like to know where I can buy your Forged Racing Pistons and connecting Rod for Hyundai/KIA 1.6 GDI Gamma G4FD engine. Regards

  20. Hello Xavier,
    We offer HYundai Gamma 1.6 forged pistons and connecting rods direct. I will send you an email and we will discuss your project in detail.
    Pavel Osovets
    Pavel’s Racing Engines Inc

  21. What is the total cost for a 1.6 GDI Hyundai Build for a Veloster. The same engine that BTR used for their veloster?

  22. Hello Jason,
    Complete long block like we built for BTR’s SEMA Veloster costs about $9000-10,000 for parts and labor. You have to provide a good, working engine core for the project.

  23. I currently own a 2013 Veloster Turbo and I would like a quote for building an engine that will hold 300-350hp (I’m not sure if this will require sleeves or not). I will most likely purchase a used engine and ship to you for the build when I’m ready.


  24. Hello Michael,
    For your 350hp requirement sleeves are not required. If you plan to exceed that power goal then we strongly recommend sleeves.

    The cost of engine rebuild without sleeves is about $5200-5500 and includes our proprietary forged pistons, forged connecting rods, tri metal rod and main bearings, head studs, valve springs, OEM gaskets and seals, and necessary machine work. Boring and honing is always performed with a torque plate.

    Sleeves and machining labor add $1900 to the total.

  25. Hello,

    I was wondering if you guys do head porting work for a 2013 genesis 3.8?

    Would Love to talk to you guys about this.


  26. Hyundai 3.8 V6 ports are already too big from the factory. There is no reason to port the heads and increase port size even more. The best use of parts and money on Hyundai 3.8 heads is Ferrea intake and exhaust valves, dual valve springs, and a proper valve job.

  27. hi , I have a 02 subaru wrx that needs head gaskets. do you guys do this kind of work? and if you do, how much?

  28. Hello Josh,
    Thank you for the inquiry. We do not work on cars. All engine work we perform is on engines that are already out of the car. You may bring in your engine for service. Repair costs are hard to estimate. Please perform a compression and leak-down tests on all four cylinders and report back with the results.

  29. Hello,
    I have an sr20det I’m looking to have gone through, would like to discuss some options, availability and pricing if you could email me at your convenience

  30. Thank you for the inquiry, Jon. Please check your email for a response and additional information request.

  31. I have a 2010 audi a4 that has an oil consumption problem. Dealer says piston and rings need to be replaced, can you give me an estimate on parts and labor for a job like this

  32. Hello Saul,
    Please check your email. We will send you a request for additional information.
    PRE team

  33. Hello PREtuning
    I have a 2010 2.0t Genesis Coupe
    I’ve been wanting to buy a spare engine to build.
    I’m scoring for 450-600hp. How much would it be for a
    full build on the Theta Engine?

  34. Hello Jonathan,
    Thank you for the inquiry. Your power requirement of 450-600hp is rather wide and would require different internal parts, machining approaches, and budgets. Engines in the 400-450hp range can use OEM block while the 600hp requirement calls for sleeving the block with Darton sleeves. Due to current workload, we are not taking in any new engine projects until October 2017. If that is an acceptable timeframe to you, we can discuss additional details and budget for such a project.

  35. Hey I would like to purchase an ARP cam cap bolt kit for SR20DET.
    Thank you

  36. Hello Zackary,
    Currently, we are out of stock. Our next ARP order will arrive middle of September 2017 and we will be able to ship your kit out as well. The cost shipped to Texas is $107.
    PRE team

  37. Are you guys capable of doing a main thrust bearing conversion on a jdm ej20g closed deck block? I need to move the main thrust from #3 to #5 in order to run the phase 2 crank.

  38. Hello Addison,
    Thank you for the interest. Typically, we machine the crankshaft at #3 thrust. This way you can install any phase 2 crank in a phase 1 block. This is how we do our EJ22T strokers using the modern STI nitrided 79mm crankshaft. You can supply a crankshaft or we can supply you a new OEM crankshaft. The cost of the crankshaft machining service, polishing, and a performance balancing is $250. The cost of a new OEM crankshaft is $310.

  39. Hello,

    I’m interested in a turbo rebuild for my 2005 Legacy GT. I’m having trouble finding contact information on your website so I thought I’d leave a reply here. I’m trying to understand how much I can expect my overall expense to be for rebuild? It’s making some noise and leaking as well.


  40. Hello Jeremy,
    Thank you for the interest. Please check your email for a reply. Standard rebuild service for the turbocharger off your 2005 Subaru Legacy GT costs $300. Worst case scenario, if your turbo is a total loss, due to extensive damage, the repair cost is $600.

  41. Dear Pavel Osovets.

    Good afternoon. I sent you and email just few minutes ago on eBay. Like I told you previously, I have a Hyundai gamma engine with a aftermarket turbo and I am looking for additional hps.

    I am looking for the same kit you were selling on eBay:

    -4 PRE forged pistons with DLC piston pins and coatings
    -4 PRE forged connecting rods
    -1 set of PRE performance connecting rod bearings

    I am trying to get +500 whp with this new forged kit on my car. I am aware about leadtime and I am OK with that. Please tell me what would be the next step and if you have any question please let me know.
    I provided you 2 email address so please reply me including both emails address.


  42. Hi, I have some questions on an engine build I am thinking about doing. It is an EJ22T short block with JDM V8 STi cylinder heads. Have you done an engine like this before? I am looking for some information on the engine build. Thanks!

  43. Hello, Im inquiring about custom pistons for an ej22t block with 20k heads and compression ratio around 8.8 to 1.

  44. Hey i need to rebuild my 2010 xfr motor. Overheated and wont start. Need it to be bulletproof without going bankrupt 😉

  45. Hell Janer,
    Please check your email. I sent you a reply with lead times and pricing for all parts you requested as well as a few other parts worth considering.
    Pavel Osovets

  46. Hello Sammy,
    Thank you for the interest. Please check your email so we can discuss your project.

  47. Hello Brian,
    We have the EJ22T stroker forged piston in stock. Please check your email for additional details.

  48. Hello Tyler,
    Please check your email. An EJ22T/V8 head project is doable. Please reply with additional information so we can discuss your project.

  49. Hello there I’m curious if you could assist me with my 2002 vw golf tdi with the alh engine. I found scoring on the camshaft and the surfaces it rides on. This is believed to be a result of a broken oil pan resulting in oil starvation. all research thus far tells me that the head should no longer be in service I am already in the process of doing a tune with kerma TDI, they have a rebuild but I fear it’ll just address the cam and not have a sufficient valve service with it. Can you assist me with any information on your services, concerns with such a condition, or knowledge of working with internet tuning? All info would be much appreciated.

  50. What is the cost of a built short block? I saw your eBay ad for ej205/ej207 stroker kit. That is what I am interested in I believe. Thanks

  51. Hey Guys!

    Huge fan of the Hyundai 1.6 engine parts you have going, I’m looking to do a massive engine overhaul to the nines, forged rods, pistons, iron sleeve, head studs, baaically everything needed to run a 450 – 600hp setup.

    I have a 2014 Hyundai Veloster Turbo, may you please provide me with pricing info and recommended part list needed for the aforementioned HP requirements. I’m not sure if this will make a difference but I will be running a meth/water injection along with all of this.



  52. 2013 veloster 1.6L T build need help with parts.

  53. Please check your email.

  54. I’m looking to have a pair of n54 td03 chras rebuilt with a14t comp, and 9 blade turbine. I have the parts for this and looking g for labor, and balancing. I considering an upgraded thrust, but would rather not machine a housing for this. I’m looking to run 18+ pair of boost. Thanks for the details.

  55. Where are u located?

  56. We are located in Wauconda, IL 60084

  57. Hi there

    Can you please elaborate more regarding vq35de lifters on Ka24de cylinder head how they fit Step by step we will appreciate

    Thank you

  58. VQ35DE lifters are shimless and have the same outside diameter as the KA24DE engine. The lifter height, including the pedestal inside the VQ35DE lifter, is much taller than the KA24DE lifter height so the pedestals inside the VQ35DE lifters were shortened. All VQ35DE lifters were machined to the same height and then valve clearances were adjusted by grinding the tips of the valves.

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