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PRE head stud kit for Nissan QR25DE engine made by ARP

Pavel’s Racing Engines is pleased to offer an head stud kit for the Nissan QR25DE engine. Currently there is no readily available kit for this application, thus we went forth to offer it to the public. Please read details and pricing below. COMPATIBILITY: Nissan Altima QR25DE engine Nissan Sentra B15 QR25DE engine KIT CONTENT: 10 […]

BMW S62 S54 M50/52/54 S50/52 US spec performance connecting rod bearings

We are proud to offer motorsport grade connecting rod bearings for various BMW engine. OEM bearing available in only one grade, sometimes hard to source, and definitely not cheap. This project’s three goals were as follow, in order of importance: Development of high performance connecting rod bearings Readily available supply of various grades for bearing […]

2011 Audi TT engine rebuild EA888 2.0T TFSI

BACKGROUND We were contacted by a local dealer to rebuild an engine for a 2011 Audi TT. This Audi has the EA888 2.0T TFSI engine designation. Vehicle came off the transporter with a misfire on cylinder 1. Quick inspection showed heavy oil deposits on cylinder one spark plug and very low compression. Cylinder head was […]

Nissan KA24DE race engine build for S14 240SX track car

BACKGROUND We originally built this engine in 2010 for the previous car’s owner. Engine build was very simple at the time. Simplicity and reliability were priority with good response and power following on the priorities list. Original build part list consisted of Wiseco pistons, Eagle rods, Clevite bearings, ARP fasteners, stock cylinder head, and Garrett […]

Subaru EJ22T stroker engine using D25 EJ255 cylinder heads for 2005 STI

BACKGROUND This engine we designed and prepared for a Subaru customer in Florida. Engine will be fitted to a 2005 Subaru Impreza STI. PARTS AND SERVICES ENGINE BLOCK:¬†Engine started out as an EJ22T closed deck block. Block was media blasted, cleaned thoroughly, deck milled, cylinders bored and honed as an assembly with two torque plates, […]

Subaru EJ22T stroker hybrid engine for 2008 STI using dual AVCS cylinder heads

BACKGROUND This engine we designed and prepared for a local Subaru tuner. Engine will be fitted to a 2008 Subaru Impreza STI using a Garrett GTX3076R ball bearing turbocharger, ID1000 injectors, and E85 fuel. Goal is reasonable street use response, thanks in part to a PRE-designed V-band turbine housing system, dual AVCS, and ECU calibration. […]

SEMA 2015 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Engine Build for Blood Type Racing

BACKGROUND This is a project we recently completed for local tuning house Blood Type Racing, BTR. This is a project engine sponsored by Hyundai North America for the vehicle unveiled at the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas. BTR approached us with a specific set of requirements we had to meet in order for this […]

BMW S50B30US race engine preparation

This is a BMW S50B30 US-spec engine we are preparing for a local customer. Engine will be installed in a E30 BMW chassis and used for road course racing and HPDE events.   BACKGROUND: Engine was delivered to us still assembled with a cylinder head. Short block was a M50B25 stock motor. Cylinder head was […]

2004 Subaru Forester XT EJ255 Engine Build… My personal car :-)

After all work on customer projects it was time to build a motor for my own car. So the story goes: phone call from local gentleman stating he owns a 2004 FXT which was misdiagnosed by local Subaru dealer with blown turbo. Turns out it was blown engine AND turbo and the brand new turbo […]

2002 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.6L M96 Engine Rebuild

This was another Porsche project from last summer. Customer called with an engine problem. Porsche was making noise and finally shut off. Intermediate shaft bearing failure at struck again. The bearing failed completely causing extreme amount of metal debris in the engine, oil pump failure, timing chains jamming, and bent engine valves. This was a […]

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