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Subaru Impreza TD05H-16G turbine housing porting

This is another turbine housing porting and blending job we did. This is a purposeful modification and not just another thing to add to your “modifications list”. Main purpose of turbine housing porting is to reshape the inlet and remove airflow restriction to the internal wastegate. Restrictive wastegate castings can lead to boost creep condition. […]

Helicoil thread repair demonstration

For your convenience we added hyperlinks to important topics. All words in bolt are hyperlinked to websites relating to products or topics discussed. This page is dedicated to show and teach how helicoil thread repairs are performed. We will be performing 2 separate thread repairs using Helicoil thread repair kit. One repair will be done […]

Nissan SR20DET connecting rod weight matching service

This is another service we offer here at Pavel’s Racing Engines. We can weight match, aka balance, your engine’s connecting rods and install ARP rod bolt. As a sample of our work we have a set of Nissan SR20DET connecting rods. We can provide this service for any set of connecting rods; motorcycle, automotive, truck, […]

Subaru Impreza WRX 02-06 TD04H-13T Turbo Rebuild

This yet another type of Subaru turbo we rebuild at PRE. This unit came in poor condition. A lot of shaft play, smoking and burning oil, and visibly damaged compressor wheel. Upon disassembly, cleaning, and inspection we decided this turbo still qualifies for our Basic Turbo Rebuilt Service with the only additional cost being new […]

Nissan SR20DET cylinder head rebuild process

Here is another SR20DET cylinder head we rebuilt at PRE. This cylinder head came to us in very poor condition. Customer wanted a OEM style rebuild. Upon complete disassembly and inspection it became obvious actual condition of the cylinder head. Cylinder head gasket mating surface was slightly warped, exhaust valve guides worn beyond factory limit, […]

BMW S52 cylinder head spark plug thread repair

This is a custom cylinder head repair we did at PRE. Spark plug on cylinder 6 was not torqued down properly, vibrated loose, and finally ripped out all the thread. Heli-coil spark plug thread repair kit was of no help in this situation; too much material was torn out. This kind of repair cannot be […]

Garrett T28 turbo rebuild and journal bearing conversion 0.86A/R

This is a custom turbo we built for a customer in Pennsylvania. This project started with a damaged ball bearing Garrett T28 turbocharger. Since the turbo cannot be serviced or rebuilt we converted it to journal bearing system. We build these turbos usually with a more popular 0.64A/R turbine housing. This time the customer requested […]

Volvo V70 TD04H-13T Turbo Rebuild

This was a Volvo turbo rebuild for a customer in Hawaii. He complained of light smoking under heavy load. Prior to complete disassembly and inspection we could not offer a 100% quote, but we had a feeling it was the turbine shaft seal started to wear out. The customer sent us the turbo for a […]

Toyota CT26 60-1 Turbo Rebuild

This is another CT26 turbo rebuild we performed at PRE. This turbo suffered failure due to mechanic’s error, who left a shop rag in the turbo inlet pipe. Compressor wheel was destroyed and a complete overhaul was a proper solution. This turbocharger will be rebuilt and installed on a customers Toyota Cressida with a 7MGTE […]

Toyota CT26 Turbo Rebuild

Another common turbo we rebuild at PRE. This is a stock CT26 found on the MK3(1986-1992) Toyota Supra. This turbo showed its age when we received it. Worn compressor wheel with chips and bents, excessive wear of the bearing housing, and typical cracks in the turbine housing inlet and wastegate opening. We did a complete […]

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