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PRE billet compressor wheel upgrade for IHI turbocharger

PRE billet compressor wheel

Pavel’s Racing Engines is extremely excited to offer this product to the public. We have been testing these compressor wheels in various turbocharger models and engine combinations. Every time this product proves to make more power than its cast aluminum counterpart!

We tested these compressor wheels on the dyno with a consistent 25-30WHP gain at same boost level as stock cast wheel. Torque increase was moderate as well in the mid-range engine RPM. All testing performed on same vehicles within a narrow installation time window to reduce erroneous data.

This particular post focuses on billet compressor wheels for IHI VF-series turbocharger found on JDM, USDM, and UKDM Subaru Impreza WRX and STI vehicles.


  • VF30 (JDM V5 STI)
  • VF34 (ball bearing turbo)
  • VF37 (twin scroll turbo, JDM V7/8 STI)
  • VF39 (USDM 04-06 STI)
  • VF43 (USDM 07 STI)
  • VF48 (USDM 08-15 STI)
  • VF52 (USDM 09-14 WRX, upgrade for 2008 WRX and 05-09 Legacy GT, originally VF40 or VF46)


  • 11 blade design: Conventional design is 6 tall and 6 short blades. Garrett has proven higher flow potential of the 11 blade design and it has been adopted to this compressor wheel for IHI application. 
  • Extended tip design: Conventional compressor wheel tips perpendicular to the exducer diameter. Extended tip technology originally developed as “cheater” compressor wheels for racing use. Standard exducer diameter is 60mm, while extended tip compressor wheels had 63mm exducer diameter for total blade area increase of 6%. This of it like a larger area of an airplane wing allowing for increased lift. The larger surface area allows for increased flow volume at same turbo speed. 
  • Slim blade design: Performance feature designed to increase air flow. Slim blades have a smaller cross-section allowing more area between blades for air. Flow is increased at same turbo speed. Thinner blades also weigh less for reduced moment of inertia and faster spool.
  • Slim hub design: Another feature designed to increase air flow. Slim hub increased air volume with each rotation. Flow is increased at same turbo shaft speed. Smaller cross-section hub weighs less for a reduced moment of inertia and faster spool.
  • Material selection: Conventional compressor wheels made by casting aluminum alloy. PRE compressor wheels machined from billet aluminum alloy block. Billet blocks are forged. This compacting of molecules increases material density and strength. Increased strength of billet material allows for reduced blade and hub cross-section and weight reduction without increasing internal stresses. 
  • Balancing: PRE compressor wheels inspected and computer balanced to less than 0.5g-cm^2. This does not mean compressor wheel should be swapped as-is. Stack-up dis-balance is always a factor and compressor wheel balancing should always be performed by a professional using entire rotating assembly. 

Extended tip technology comparison: black dotted line is conventional design and the red dotted line is our billet wheel design.

extended tip comp wheel

Recently we dyno tested a couple of Subaru cars and recorded data logs. To keep this an apples-to-apples comparison we tried keeping the variable to a minimum. This comparison shows a 42WHP gain at 1.5psi LESS boost than stock turbo.

Car 1 (Red Line) 2007 Subaru Impreza STI

  • Stage 1 rebuilt short block with 8.8 compression forged pistons
  • stock rebuilt cylinder heads
  • stock fuel injectors (maxed out at 21.5psi)
  • stock fuel pump
  • larger intercooler
  • Perrin inlet pipe
  • OEM rebuild VF48 turbo with cast compressor wheel (6/6 blade design)
  • ECU tuned by 555 Motorsports

Cars 2 (Blue Line) 2010 Subaru Impreza WRX sedan, 5-speed manual transmission

  • Stage 1 rebuilt short block with 8.6 compression Wiseco forged pistons
  • stock rebuild cylinder heads
  • stock fuel injectors (maxed out at 19psi due to higher flowing compressor wheel)
  • stock fuel pump
  • larger intercooler
  • Perrin inlet pipe
  • OEM VF52 turbo rebuilt with PRE billet compressor wheel (11 blade design) VF52 same size turbo as VF48. The only difference is compressor housing outlet orientation. All other internal parts same.
  • ECU tuned by 555 Motorsports

Clink image to enlarge

PRE billet compressor wheel turbo comparison with PRE watermark


You may purchase these billet compressor wheels from our eBay store:

PRE VF30 billet compressor wheel

PRE VF34 billet compressor wheel

PRE VF35 billet compressor wheel

PRE VF37 billet compressor wheel

PRE VF39 billet compressor wheel

PRE VF48 billet compressor wheel

PRE VF52 billet compressor wheel

95 thoughts on “PRE billet compressor wheel upgrade for IHI turbocharger

  1. So where can one purchase one of said compressor wheels, and for what price would one acquire such a masterpiece?


  2. Hello Colin,
    Thank you for the inquiry. Cost of this billet compressor wheel is $105USD shipped in USA. Please check your email. I will send you an email with payment instructions.
    PRE team

  3. Looking into your 11 blade billet compressor wheel for the ihi turbo.
    Is there any modification needed to make the wheel fit into a vf48? Meaning it will bolt up into a stock unmodified compressor housing? Aside from having it balanced.
    I just rebuilt this unit and wanted to upgrade wheels

  4. Hi Aaron,
    This compressor wheel is direct replacement into stock housing. No machining required.
    Thank for the interest,

  5. Hi Lads, is there any possibility this wheel will fit the VF42 on my S204? It currently makes 280awhp with max of 21psi

  6. Hello Joshua,
    Check your email for additional information request.
    Thank you

  7. how difficult is it to replace the compressor wheel alone? you do not sell a kit with the wheel do you? with CHRA?

  8. Hello David,
    We do not recommend just a compressor wheel replacement on its own due to balancing concerns. Turbochargers operate at over 100,000RPM and any dis-balance will cause premature bearing wear and eventual turbo failure. We always recommend rotating assembly balancing. If you have a good working turbo we offer turbo service and billet wheel upgrade for $400. Turbo service includes replacement off all oil seals, bearings, and turbo balancing.

  9. What supporting mods would you recommend on this? Or will I be able to install and go? Also if I could find where to order.

  10. Hello Max,
    Thank you for the inquiry. At very least you will need 05+ STI pink injectors or 08+ WRX blue injectors or anything in the 550cc range; additionally a Walbro 255 fuel pump and ECU retune will be required. 550cc injectors will support about 19psi before duty cycle becomes unsafe. These billet compressor wheel work efficiently up to 23psi and we typically install Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors for additional fuel demand. We do not recommend modified OEM injectors, ie Deatschwerks/WitchHunter/FiveO, due to poor atomization and idle/low speed misfires. We can supply you all necessary parts for this project. Please check your email from us for additional information and we can discuss your project.
    PRE team

  11. im opensource tuned, will i need to get another tune?

  12. Do you ship up to canada?

  13. Hello Nik,
    We ship world-wide. Check your email for additional details from us.
    Thank you!

  14. Hello Jesse,
    These compressor wheels flow considerably more air than stock and will require an ECU retune. Without an ECU retune your car will run dangerously lean. If you need additional help don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone.
    PRE team

  15. Hi. I’m interested in the bullet wheel for a vf48. Please send me details on how to order from South Africa.

  16. Please check your email for order instructions. Thank you for the interest.

  17. Hey there, I’m interested in this billet compressor wheel for a vf52. How much does it cost? I am also interested in your turbo rebuild/upgrade service. Thanks,

  18. Hello Adam,
    Thank you for the interest. Billet compressor wheel costs $105 shipped. Standard rebuild service for IHI turbos starts at $300.

  19. I have an 05 Legacy GT. It has a bunch of miles on it, but is in good shape except for some oil consumption from the turbo. I want to replace the turbo instead of the car and need some advice. I am a mechanic and have been working on gas and diesel engines (NA as well as FI) for many years, so I am able to hold an intelligent conversation on the topic but I am familiar only with stock stuff and am smart enough to know I need help. My Subaru is my daily driver and I don’t want to do anything that would compromise it’s near perfect reliability or turn it into a fuel hog, but being as I will be replacing the turbo, is there an option to “bolt on” some more power during the repair I am doing anyhow? I am happy with the power the car makes and it is quicker than most stuff on the road as is, so big money is a deal breaker when a stock turbo would fix my problem and please me just fine. Can you recommend a product that meets the narrow window I have given? Thanks!

  20. Hello Mike,
    Thank you for the inquiry. Please read below information. I broke it down in order it should be done and general importance.

    Before removing turbo for service I always advice performing a compression and leak-down tests on the engine; preferably hot. Typical compression numbers are 145-155psi. Anything below 132psi is deemed a failure by Subaru OEM standard and dealer would advice for short block replacement. Leak-down numbers on a healthy engine will be less than 10%. Any more usually means exhaust valves have worn, requiring valve regrinding and recutting valve seats.

    If your engine passes both these tests proceed to inspecting and removing banjo bolt filters in the AVCS oil lines. You can skip this step if it was already performed. This is a critical step. If you have any questions DO NOT hesitate to ask.

    Inspect your tom-mount intercooler. It is made of aluminum core with plastic end tanks that are crimped on. Make sure crimps are not pulling apart. This can occur with age. I have replaced it several times on person car and multiple times on customer cars. Good used, low mileage OEM-replacement intercoolers can be found very reasonably priced.

    Your car has an IHI VF40 turbocharger. It is possible to gain more power without sacrificing drivability or gas mileage just by recalibrating engine ECU. Boost limit of VF40 turbo is about 19psi. Boost limit of your stock intercooler is about 16psi. Anything past that will cause the crimps to pull apart, leak boost pressure, and cause drivability problems. Power capability of VF40 turbo is about 240whp.

    IHI VF52 turbo off the 2009-2014 Impreza WRX is a direct upgrade for our VF40. It will bolt right up and essentially a larger STI-size turbo with correct compressor housing orientation for your Legacy GT. This turbo is capable of 22-23psi boost and power output of 300whp. As mentioned above, your stock intercooler can only handle 16psi. Another not, your stock fuel injectors run dangerous high on duty cycle at 22psi and I always advice to upgrade to bigger injectors if you intent to run more than 20psi boost.

    IHI VF52 with billet compressor wheel upgrade is the next stepping stone. This turbo is based on the VF52 and uses our compressor wheel upgrade. Maximum power output for this turbo is 350-360whp at 23psi. This level of performance requires considerable upgrade to everything from fuel system to intercooler, exhaust, intake, and usually even the clutch.

    Based on your needs I believe a stock rebuilt VF40 coupled with an ECU recalibration is the best option. I will send you an email with this same information so we can discuss a solution that best suits your needs.

  21. Hi can you please email me payment details as I’m interested in the billet wheel for vf52

  22. Hello Adam,
    Please check your email for payment information. Billet compressor wheels are in stock and ready to ship.

  23. Hi,

    These wheels sound great. Have you got any data on upgrade performed on a VF34? I’ve got a VF34 and am trying to squeeze all the performance I can out of it.. With that kind of WHP gain in addition to e85 fuel, I’d be looking at approximately 250-270awkw theoretically.. A very tempting choice! Also purchase information to Australia would be appreciated.

    Many thanks,

  24. Hello Tyrone,
    Currently, we have several billet wheel VF34 turbos finished and waiting to be tested on our shop car. VF34 and the journal bearing VF30/37/39/43/48/52 all have same size turbine and compressor impellers. The only difference is ball bearing versus journal bearing configuration. Peak power will be just about same and the main improvement is spool characteristics and midrange torque. So far highest rating we measured is 360whp/370lb-ft at 23psi on a bolt-on upgrade WRX. This is using 93 octane fuel. E85 fuel will allow closer to 400whp and hopefully as much torque. Please check your email for a message from us for purchase information.
    Thank you,
    PRE team

  25. Do you have any vf52’s for sale with the billet wheel?

  26. Hello Niles,
    Thank you for the inquiry. We do have one billet wheel VF52 turbo available and ready to ship. Cost is $750 shipped in USA. There is no core charge. Check your email for additional information.
    Thank you,
    PRE team



  29. Hello Tyler,
    Billet compressor wheels are in stock and ready to ship. We do not sell rebuild kit separately. We can rebuild your turbocharger and upgrade it to the billet compressor wheel.

  30. Hello Tyler,
    All billet compressor wheel testing performed at higher than stock boost levels thus requiring an ECU recalibration. Due to increased air flow provided by billet compressor wheel and significant change in air-fuel ratio an ECU recalibration is required when upgrading to billet compressor wheel. All of our ECU recalibration services are performed by 555 Motorsports.

  31. how do I purchase this wheel?

  32. Thank you for the interest, Jeremy. Check your email for pricing and order details. The cost of billet compressor wheel is $105 and includes domestic shipping. Thank you for the inquiry.

  33. I have a Vf30 on my V7 STI that I would like to squeeze more power out of and quicken up the spool time. What would it cost for an overhaul and could it be upgraded to ball bearing? What sort of HP numbers would it be able to produce after a tune?

  34. Thank you for the inquiry.
    Turbo spool time is not greatly improved by the billet compressor wheel. The turbo comes to full boost at about the same RPM as stock, but because of increased air flow, there is a considerable increase in midrange torque and power. You won’t see ball-bearing-like response because, after all, it is still a journal bearing turbo.

    We do not offer ball bearing conversions.

    We have upgraded several VF30 turbos in the past with our billet compressor wheels. Two cars were dyno tuned and customers reported back with results. One car was tested on a Dynojet and the other car on a Mustang dyno. Mustang dyno car test showed 300whp at 22psi. Dynojet test showed 332whp at same 22psi. Both cars had very basic bolt-on setups using OEM turbo, TMIC, 93 octane fuel, Walbro 255L fuel pump, and ID1000 fuel injectors. If you have stock injectors, that are in the 500cc range, they are only capable of supporting 18-19psi of boost with the billet wheel. Increased boost levels will require larger injectors. We recommend ID1000’s from Injector Dynamics. We can supply you injectors along with the turbo service.

    Standard turbo rebuild cost is $300 and billet compressor wheel upgrade costs additional $100. Insured return shipping in the continental USA typically costs $25-30 depending on your location.

  35. Hello, please email me price and your paypal addres – we need to buy one of this – PRE billet compressor wheel upgrade for IHI VF37 turbocharger, shipped to MN 55016?

  36. Hello Igor,
    Please check your email for pricing, shipping, and payment information.
    Thank you

  37. Hi Team,

    I have a Vf52 I’m looking to upgrade the wheel and possibly rebuild the turbo.

    Do you have a supplier already in Australia who has them in stock?


    Can you ship to Australia?
    If so Freight on the wheel to Australia, QLD, Mountain Creek 4557

    Alternatively what’s the cost to rebuild the Core and send it back with new billet wheel if i sent the core alone to you first?


  38. Hello Davin,
    We do not have a distributor in Australia but we do ship worldwide.

    We offer several shipping options for billet compressor wheels:
    -US Postal Service, 6-10 business day delivery time, $40
    -FedEx, 3-5 business day delivery time, $80

    Standard turbocharger rebuild price starts at $300USD. This assumes your bearing housing, compressor seal plate, and turbine shaft is in usable condition. We replace oil seal, journal bearings, polish turbine shaft, media blast all components, machine O-ring groove in seal plate(no more RTV for the housing), assembled cartridge with a billet wheel, and balance everything. Billet compressor wheel costs $100USD in addition to the $300USD standard rebuild price.

    Cartridge shipping options:
    -US Postal Service, 6-10 day delivery time, $80
    -FedEx, 3-5 business day delivery time, $155

  39. Cheers, So you won’t need the the intake or exhaust housing? Just need the core to rebuild and install new billet wheel?
    No modification required to housings to fit new billet wheel?

  40. Do you ship to Canada? If so I would like to purchase one for a vf48.

  41. Hello Mark,
    We ship worldwide. VF48 compressor wheel, shipped to Canada, costs $130. Please check your email for Paypal purchase instructions.

  42. Hey do you have a billet compressor wheel for the vf22?
    Inducer Diameter : 47.2 mm
    Exducer Diameter : 60 mm
    Bore Dia: 6.12 mm

  43. Hello Jason,
    We do offer a billet compressor wheel for the VF22 turbo in 11 blade configuration. Please check you email for additional information and price.

  44. Hi.I got IHI VF 35.Do you have compressor billet wheel for that,i think it has same comp wheel as IHI 34.Live in Finland,do you ship here.

  45. Hello Kimmo,
    We ship worldwide. Please check your email. We sent you a request for additional information.

  46. Hello, I would be interested in the vf52. Do you have plan ton make a ball bearing conversion in near future?

  47. Hello Dan,
    Currently, we are finishing up a VF52 turbo rebuild and it will be available for purchase shortly. Please check your email and we will message you.

    Ball bearing cartridge upgrade is in testing stages and will be available spring of 2017.

  48. Thanks for fast answer. Do you have a price for that vf52 ball bearing? Could you give me a more precise date for availability? I would like to fit that upgrade in my next setup before the 2017 autocross season if it can fit in the budget

  49. I sent you guys an email about getting a billet wheel for my vf48 but haven’t heard back yet. I really need to get my hands on one so I can get my car back together. Where/how do I buy one?

  50. Hello Shayne,
    I apologize but your email was not received. We have these billet wheel in stock and can ship same day. Please check for an email from us with payment information. The cost of the compressor wheel is $105 including domestic shipping. You may make a Paypal payment to: [email protected]

  51. I’m interested in an quick spooling higher hp wheel for the VF34. You say no machining is required for the cover right? Send me invoice if this is so.

  52. Hello Don,
    Our compressor wheel is compatible with the VF34 turbo and a direct replacement. In fact, we finished two VF34 rebuilds last week. Please check your email for payment instructions.

  53. Hi I want to buy a billet wheel for my vf39 as soon a possible. Please let me know if you have them in stock. Thanks!

  54. Hello Ryan,
    Thank you for ordering our billet compressor wheel. It shipped out today and you will have it in two days.

  55. Hi, I am interested in your billet compressor wheel and rebuild for my vf52. I was wondering how fast of a turn around it would be after you received my turbo?

  56. Hi Ben,
    Typical rebuild time for a VF52 turbo is one week but right now we are out of stock on the billet compressor wheels until mid-February.

  57. Would this work on a 88 thunderbird IHI ?

  58. Hi Tom,
    This particular compressor wheel is not compatible with your IHI turbo but we can supply you one that would either be a direct replacement for your stock compressor wheel or an oversize wheel matched with an enlarged and machined housing compressor housing. Please check your email for additional information request from us.

  59. Hello, is your ball bearing conversion is ready for vf52? Can you send me info please

  60. Hello. Is your ball bearing conversion is ready for vf52? Can you send me info please

  61. hello Pavel

    what are the dimensions of this wheel? does it require any modification to the stock compressor housing? turbo is vf49

    kind regards

  62. Hello,
    This compressor wheel has a 46.5mm inducer and 60mm base exducer not including the extended tips. It is guaranteed to be compatible with the IHI VF30, VF34, VF35, VF37, VF39, VF43, VF48, and VF52. For these turbos listed, this compressor wheel is a direct replacement without any required machining or modification. If you have additional questions, remove your compressor wheel and email us a few pictures with dimensions so we can confirm fitment.

  63. Love this compressor wheel!!! Finally got tuned and man.. Picked up 30whp and boosts earlier than stock, nice gut punch I LOVE IT!! Than you Pavel for such an amazing piece! Much easier doing the whole CHRA!

  64. Hi,
    Do you offer a replacement wheel for a vf29 (Ver6 STI)?

  65. Hello Craig,
    Thank you for the interest. We do not offer a compressor wheel for the VF29 turbo but we can rebuild your turbo and machine the compressor housing to fit our billet compressor wheel. Please email for details and upgrade costs.

  66. I would like to purchase a compressor wheel for my vf39, or have you guys rebuild it to get more out of it. Can you send me prices on both.

  67. Hello Chris,
    We offer turbo rebuild services as well as part sales. The cost of the billet compressor wheel is $105 shipped in the United States. The cost of an IHI VF39 rebuild, assuming your turbo is in usable condition and not a total loss, is $300. Return shipping typically costs $20-25. Please check your email. We sent you a message with an additional information request.

  68. G’day
    I am in Australia and looking at purchasing a VF52 comp billet wheel.
    Do you ship to Aus?

    Thanks, Alex

  69. Hello Alex,
    We ship worldwide. The cost of the compressor wheel is $100 and international shipping costs $40. Please check your email. We will send you a Paypal request.
    Cheers mate

  70. Hey there Pavel. Looking to upgrade my Vf52. Very interested in your PRE wheel and would like to get more information. Please email me thank you

  71. Hello John,
    We have the billet compressor wheel in stock as well as all parts necessary for a VF52 rebuild. Please check your email for a message.

  72. I own a 2004 JDM forester Sti using the VF41. Do you have a billet wheel upgrade for this turbo. And how much would it cost for a full rebuild on this turbo.

  73. Hello Peter,
    Our 11-blade billet compressor wheel is compatible with your VF41 turbo and a direct replacement. Basic IHI turbo rebuild service costs $300. Current turnaround time is 1 week.

  74. Hello,
    I have IHI RHB5 VF11 turbo from Subaru Legacy and want to upgrade my compressor with billet one, can you supply it?
    extended turbo model:
    VF11 RHB52XW-52002XP15NRBRLL4016EZ

    Best regards.

  75. Hello,
    We do not offer an upgraded compressor wheel for the IHI VF11 turbo. If you send in your turbocharger for inspection, we can measure the original compressor wheel and housing to find a solution.

  76. Do you have any compressor upgrades for a VF-22? I currently have one that looks like it ate a rock.

  77. Hello Ryan,
    We have an 11 blade billet compressor wheel in stock for the IHI VF22 turbo. The cost is $105 shipped in the United States. Please email for payment instructions.

  78. I would but your email is not listed on this website.

  79. Hi do you have a vf52 with a billet wheel in stock right now? And if so, ho9w much$?

  80. Hello Jeff,
    Thank you for the interest. I do have a VF52 turbo in stock. It started as a good running VF52 that has been rebuilt and upgraded to the 11-blade billet compressor wheel, a billet thrust bearing and a ceramic coated turbine housing. The cost of this turbo is $800. Insured shipping costs from $20-35 based on your location.

  81. Please send me the instructions of purchase for a VF48 billet compressor wheel, and shipping cost to Mexico. Thanks

  82. Hello Pablo,
    Shipping to Mexico costs $35. Please check your email for payment instructions.

  83. Hello
    I own 2012 mercedes c250 coupe
    Original engine 1.8turbo uses ihi rhf4 turbo
    Is it possible to upgrade ihi turbo ? Or should i get rhf5 turbo ?
    And if its possible to hypred the turbo how much more power can it produce ? And how much does it cost ?
    Could you pls send me email about the details and is iif i send you the turbo can you upgrade it ?

  84. Thank you for the inquiry. We never upgraded a C250 turbocharger but the rebuild parts are available and we can either find or make necessary parts and a billet compressor wheel. You will have to supply a good used core for disassembly, inspection, and measuring. Some turbos can be upgraded to bigger turbines and compressor wheels while other turbos have limited space inside the housing casting. Until the turbo is here to be measured, it is hard to say what exactly can be done. A typical cost of a turbo rebuild and upgrade to a bigger compressor wheel is $700. Upgrading to a bigger turbine and machining the manifold can cost $200-300. It is hard to estimate but considering fixtures have to made, or modified, to machine the complex housing castings, your range is about $1000. Please check your email for a reply from us and discuss additional details.

  85. I would like to contact you directly via email with questions about upgrading the vf52 on my 2012 wrx. Any chance I can buy a fully balanced CHRA with the upgraded wheel rather than send the whole turbo in. Looking to minimize down time. Plus other questions.

  86. Hello Tom,
    We have the billet comp wheels in stock as well as rebuilt cartridges. Current rebuild time for a VF52 turbo is 2-3 business days.

  87. Hey, I have a blown VF22 with blown bearing lying around. Am wondering if anything can be done to make it work again, and cost please?
    Alternatively, can i upgrade a twinscroll vf42’s or vf36’s wheel? I wonder if the wheels are same as the single scroll version.

    Thank you in advance.

  88. I have one of these installed on my daily VF34 for over a year now. I can say i haven’ even tried to max this turbo, but so far it’s a nice gain over stock VF34.

    I installed this turbo with no balancing, but this is what I did:
    I marked the nut location to the shaft and ensured the turbo shaft nut was back in the same spot when retorqued.
    When retorquing, ensure you only torque to 12 inch lb (NOT FOOT LB, inch)
    You will need a special tool for that. Over torque and u may bend the shaft.

  89. Hello,
    I am looking for a quote for the following services for a vf34 going on a 2005
    forester xt 5 speed: rebuild, port and polish and billet wheel upgrade. I was
    thinking either an 11 bladed extended tip It will never
    see the track, just going to be a daily driver so I’m looking at low and midrange with a fast spool. It is getting the following mods : Mishimoto top mount,full 3″ catted turbo back, gasket matched STI exhaust manifolds , cross pipe and uppipe, dw255lph fuel pump and a cobb accessport and protune. This is about as far as my build
    will go. Also going from the TD04 to a vf34 will I need to change oil lines now that it will be a ball bearing turbo? Anything else needed?
    Thank you for your help,

  90. Hello Gary,
    Please check your email for a comprehensive reply. In short, we can rebuild your turbo, upgrade to the billet comp wheel and ceramic coat the turbine housing. We can supply you ID1050x injectors as part of the upgrade package and recommend a tuner we use who has a lot of experience with our turbos.

  91. Hello Recently dropped in a newly rebuilt Ej255 on my 08 Wrx I have a custom tune for a vf52 swap I did in the past my turbo looks a little tired and it’s giving me issues. The new engine Has forged pistons and fuel has slight upgrades. Now for the question. I want to rebuild turbo.. but also upgrade. Will I need a retune. I’m Ok with what I have but would love a possible increase with your Billet setup. I will most likely be doing the Rebuild my self . Can you guys help me with all parts needed? Thanks for your time.

  92. The billet compressor wheel requires a retune for optimum results and the highest increase in horsepower. Please check your email for additional information.

  93. Hi
    Is it possible to use the vf30 compressor wheel and housing on a vf23?

  94. Your VF23 turbo is ball bearing. You will need a VF30 compressor housing, our billet wheel is compatible with the VF30 turbo, and a new compressor housing seal plate.

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